Stickity meeting activities

  1. Involve 

  2. Collect results

  3. Follow-up

Stickity activities are to-the-point and systematic - our meeting participants gave us great feedback on the new meeting format. 

We are a culturally diverse group, based in different countries. The Stickity activities gave everyone the opportunity to participate and contribute with their individual expertise and ideas, as well as concerns and needs. 

Never again unproductive meetings!

We want to make it easier to facilitate high-quality meetings. Whether they are physical or virtual meetings.

How? By involving participants, in short, democratic processes with a clear output.

Stickity activities are engaging and committing for all. Decisions, conclusions, and input are easily collected and make it easier for the facilitator to follow up.

And yes, our tested activities are also offered in an online version, independent of your digital meeting platform. 

Want to know more? 

We are testing Stickity at the moment. Contact us if you would like to try a beta-version.

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Nordic values

Modern work life is filled with meetings. It's a setting where we share knowledge, coordinate, align, develop, decide and much more.

But meetings can also be irrelevant, resultless, without a clear purpose, boring, filled with domineering people who give no room for others and, frankly, too much one-way communication.

​Stickity brings out the best in meetings!


It's no secret that we believe strongly in the Nordic values of democracy and empowerment. Our tools (both analogue and digital) invite the participants to be co-facilitators and take responsibility for the success of the meeting.

Stickity is for those type of meetings, where...

... you dig deeper and go higher. Typically your quarterly, semi-annual or annual meetings.

... you align, develop strategies, share knowledge, innovate, plan and prioritize.

... are 5-40 participants

... you meet physically or on a virtual platform.

Stickity helps you as a facilitator by...

... keeping the attention of your meeting participants and maintaining focus on the meeting purpose

... inciting everyone to take ownership

... making decisions and results clear and easy to collect for follow-up and further action

At our global sales meeting, we had an ambition of creating stronger alignment and social relations between the participants. We wanted the employees to share knowledge across the entire team and we also wanted frank discussions about the next steps in our business development. 

The team is from various parts of the world and we have very different meeting cultures. So we needed a tool that could assist us in being creative but in a structured format.

The Stickity activities really kicked off the discussions and provided a clear framework. Everyone could immediately see that this was different AND effective. For me as the meeting facilitator and manager of the group, it was great to demonstrate that we mean change when we say it.

The five Stickity activities were distributed over the two meeting days - typically used in 20-50 minute sessions. They contributed to a dynamic meeting flow where time flew by!

All the ideas and input generated by the team have been actively used in a concrete follow-up, which gives everyone a strong sense of importance: The meeting was important and what I say is important. 

We have already agreed to repeat some of the activities at our next meeting, and also add a couple of new ones.

Dorthe Jensen,

Manager, Global Distributor Sales, BK Medical

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