The Fairground Concept sends groups to a new actiivity when they decide they have finished an assignment.

The cutting-edge trio

Conference for Social workers union:

Winner, "Best Participatory Involvement" at the Danish Events and Meetings Award 2017 (DEMA17)

Energy and participation

We interviewed the participants about the day, the lively format and the results. This was a day with networking, energy and new knowledge, they would be happy to take back and share with colleagues.

(Video in Danish.)

Social workers at risk

Social workers are exposed to violence at work more than any other group. It can be anything from pushing, kicking and pulling hair – to killing. One of the things that can help prevent and combat violence is a high degree of professionalism.


The National Federation of Social Workers invited 500 occupational environment representatives, union representatives and managers to the conference: The cutting-edge trio

Foto: Steen Brogaard

Tre focus points carried across the day

Keeping a professional focus in the workplace is easier when daily management and social workers cooperate.


The conference had three main goals:

  • Everyone should leave with new knowledge about the connection between work environment and a professional approach to daily tasks, and understand what this really means.

  • TRIO-cooperation in all workplaces would feel strengthend

  • Last, but not least: A forum for networking and sharing of experiences should be created.

PLUS Agency was in charge of program planning and production of the conference.

Exercise terrain: Fairground

PLUS Agency was responsible for planning and setting up the entire program. The principal element of the conference was the exercise terrain, which offered participatory involvement at full speed. In addition, the day included a number of plenary sessions with insightful presentations, interviews with practitioners – and an audiobook in three chapters.

The exercise terrain concested of 90 stations, each one with a task or challenge to be completed by a group of participants in 10-20 minutes. The groups decided by themselves how long time they would spend at each station.

​Each participating workplace was represented by three people, with bothe social workers and daily management represented. All groups consisted of two trios, thus securing knowledge sharing and networking throughout the day.

Variation in form and content

PLUS Agency developed separate process design and set of materials for each of the activities, focusing on engaging every participant in reflecting, exchanging experiences, having an eye for action and bringing home new ideas.


Some activities had an abundance of ideas to choose from, others featured checklists to evaluate different action points in your workplace.


There were activities focusing on dilemmas from the podcast while others gave room for engaging in co-developing across several workplaces.

Other activities challenged the set of roles and responsibilities in the trios, and there were activities for soul-searching and personal planning.

Oh, and did we mention videos, forum theatre, quizzes, prioritizing and voting...?

A tailor made IT-system

Fairground is an IT-system, we have developed, kept track of which activities the groups had attended, and where available stations were. This allowed the groups to decide themselves how long time to spend at each station - when they felt ready to move on, they could read on a large monitor, where to go next.

The system algorithm secured that all participating groups visited a variety of different themes. This meant that all groups experienced lots of variation in the form and focus of their activities.

All activities were made available on a website, to use locally afterwards.

We measured the effect

95% of the conference participants said that the conference had inspired them to develop the work environment and focus on professionalism. Especially Fairground got an abundance of positive feedback from all.

Questions about Fairground, or anything else?

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