Winners of Denmark's best smallest idea competition

Denmark’s best smallest idea

Local Government Denmark and the Danish Association of Local Government Employees Organisations:

Campaign to strengthen everyday innovation in the Danish municipalities

Everyday heroes

The campaign, Denmark’s Best Smallest Idea, was launched by Local Government Denmark and the Danish Association of Local Government Employees Organisations in order to strengthen everyday innovation in Danish municipalities.

A training course in innovation that equipped 500 municipality employees with the ability to become innovation agents in their day-to-day work.


The campaign was also an homage to all the employees who make a huge difference one small innovation step at a time. They care about their daily work and are curious about new ways to solve challenges along the way.

Campaign on three legs

The campaign contained three different elements:


  • A website, where all employees across the Danish municipalities was invited to nominate and vote on small ideas that make a big difference in everyday worklife.


  • An innovator training session enabling 500 local innovative employees to be innovative agents in their organization.


  • A caravan of great ideas visited 50 municipal workplaces and held workshops on innovation.


PLUS Agency was part of the development of the concept of the campaign, and was responsible for the project management.


Innovation chest of drawers

PLUS Agency assisted with overall project management for the campaignand developed the idea caravan concept and the quirky innovation ‘chest of drawers’ that contained teaching materials for the many workshops that took place throughout the day.

And the winner is ...

PLUS Agency was also responsible for the day of the big finale, where Denmark's best smallest idea was voted for by a jury, chaired by TV personality Christine Feldthaus.

Why does design and scenography increase participation?

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