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Coloplast Continence Days: Education, sharing and being welcomed by other professionals

700 doctors and nurses from more than 20 countries

Many roads to inspiration and knowledge

During more than 60 years Coloplast has had close cooperation with the professionals in health care throughout the world, both in terms of developing new productions and through continuing professional development.

For the first time ever, Coloplast chose to gather 00 doctors and nurses from more than 20 countries to a large conference with a focus on continence.


Ambitions were high: The conference was aiming for a very high scientific standard, targeted at doctors and nurses, from a variety of countries with very different health care systems. AND - we were offering highly relevant content from bladder and bowel products and solutions.

The final evaluation showed that the conference lived up to our very high ambitions: Participants gave the conference a mark of 9,6 out of 10.

Foto: Steen Brogaard

Why was the conference a success? 

A very varied programme throughout the two conference days was key to the high evaluation. We made room for all sorts of professional knowledge: From in-depth and specialized insights to the sharing of practical tips between peers. Always with room for reflection.


All our speakers were trained and knew exactly how they would fit into the larger programme. We encouraged and planned participatory involvement, and took different learning styles into account. 

PLUS Agencys very popular Fairground - the knowledge bazar was a vital part of the conference.

Audiowalk designed for reflection

As part of the conference, all participants were sent on an audio-walk where they were asked about different aspects of their daily dialogue with patients. The focus was on how to help patients maintain motivation when being in a lifelong treatment.


Listening to a podcast - produced in five different languages - the participants walked through different settings, where they met patients, read facts from different studies on patient behaviour and preferences.


The storyline provided an insight into how different patients reactions and needs are. What is important in the life of one person, is not important for another. This is why all patient care must be adapted to each patients concept of a good life.


PLUS Agency developed and produced the audiowalk.

A razor-sharp purpose

PLUS Agency took an active part in the general programming, with special focus on the rhythm and variation of the different activities during each day. We also designed the opening and closing plenary sessions.


The conference started with an animation video, going straight to the point: Why are we here today? What can we do better together? How can we grow our knowledge? The target of the conference was clear from minute one, and the rest of the program was planned and executed to contribute with perspectives, thoughts and experiences adding aspects to the challenge addressed in the conference.

Also, PLUS Agency had the full responsibility for logistics and production of the entire conference.

Foto: Steen Brogaard

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