Cowboy themed dancing at conference. Fun participatory activity

Surprises and safe spaces

Event for 50 American dealers meeting up in Phoenix Arizona:

Amoena approached PLUS Agency to give the event a good dose of Danish methods and values.

Meeting your collegues makes all the difference

Planning an important meeting it often comes down to  a question of "Is it necessary to meet up at an event, or could we just hold an online meeting, or a nice video?" We know that interacting with peers, colleagues and new faces are very powerful and leave a lasting impression.


So no surprise: PLUS Agency enjoys meeting with our customers during our planning process.


This time we had to plan the entire conference by phone and video links.


The first time we met our customer face to face was the day before we the participants walked through the entrance at the event in Phoenix, Arizona.

Foto: Steen Brogaard

Relationer forståes meget lettere, når man er sammen live

Amoena is a German company with USA as their largest market. They sell specialized bras and lingerie to women who has had a mastectomy.


The event aimed at giving 50 of their most prominent dealers from across the USA more knowledge about breast surgery, post-mastectomy treatment and Amoena products. The days were a mix of inspirational talks by surgeons, nurses and users of Amoena products  - together with roleplays training building relations with nurses and lots of exchanging experiences and stories between the participants.

A good laugh opens doors to energy and cooperation

The summit ended with a quiz. During the conference, we collected fun facts, experiences and comments and turned them into a quiz questions in Kahoot.


This way the quiz summed up everything the participants had experienced and pointed to the most important take aways. And of course, let the two fast-paced days end on a high note.

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