PLUS Agency creates conferences with strong impact

Participant involvement is our main ingredient.

Our approach is based on theories of adult learning and dramaturgy to increase participant outcome as much as possible. We therefore have a special focus on developing programmes and formats that stimulate participants’ attention and commitment – and where the content is both professional and playful.



We got valuable help from PLUS Agency to develop a programme with no time for a mental pause.  Far from it. And our very picky participants loved the level of involvement, which permeated all the way through the meeting. We’re still on a high from the wonderful shared experience and can say that it’s had a long-lasting and sustainable effect. The result has been the best thing since sliced bread!

Janie Huus Tange, Director of International Marketing, CBS

Unlock shared knowledge and experience

When planning a conference or a staff event, the greatest results are achieved when you put the participants at the centre. What are their needs and expectations for the day? And how can you link them to the (strategic) messages that you, the organisers, would like to convey?

Participant involvement is the key: Well-organised activities that put the participants’ knowledge, experiences and ideas into play.

Build self-efficacy

Self-efficacy is a wonderful word. It can be interpreted as a ‘sense of mastery’, and describes the experience of having the abilities and opportunities to solve current and future tasks well. If your participants have this feeling when they go home from your meeting, they will remember the day for its exciting experiences and effective results - and their evaluation score will be high.

PLUS Agency has a solid range of well-proven activities and methods that promote self-efficacy. Contact us and we’d be happy to tell you more.

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